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Quick, safe installation in as little as 48 hours can help ‘pandemic-proof’ your operations.

Business is anything but certain right now, so we all need to make the most of our Christmas trade. But Covid is causing many businesses to be short of both staff and space. Those using untrained manual staff to wrap pallets by hand will struggle to get high volumes of pallets out of the door and risk paying more than they should per pallet-wrapped. They may well also be compromising pallet stability and safety.

Automated pallet-wrapping is the answer. Why?

  • It reduces the number of people in busy dispatch areas
  • It frees staff for other jobs
  • It eliminates damage by ensuring your product is well-protected
  • It saves money and reduces waste.
  • And with rental options we can scale up or down as you need.


It all starts with a call

We’ll discuss your needs, recommend the best solution and can have you up and running with automated, cost-saving, safer-than-ever pallet wrapping, in as little as 48 hours.

All you need to do is call 0113 242 6999, and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s how our versatile Atlanta pallet-wrapping machines can help you keep up with demand and optimise costs, time and stability:

Our Atlanta pallet-wrapping machines can be assembled and ready to go

We can deliver the perfect Atlanta solution ready to ‘plug and play’ – we’ll train your team, so you just have to power up your machine and off you go. It means staff can get on with picking, packing and delivering your Christmas orders, and not manually wrapping pallets.

We’re on hand to deliver remote training for safe set-up

An optimised system is one that staff can easily and safely run and maintain, so we deliver detailed, live training online and we’re always just a call away for ongoing support.

The H4D way is the BEST way to stay safe and efficient

We design and deliver pallet-wrapping systems based on our Intelligent Load Stability system, which optimises stability and safety, reduces or eliminates film waste and cuts your costs per pallet-wrapped. You could see a reduction in costs of up to 65%, a serious reduction in damaged pallets and returns, and optimal pallet stability.

We offer versatile rental solutions

With machines in stock, we can offer solutions to scale up and down to fit your needs, long or short-term, with just a three-month minimum rental available.

Remote consultations mean nothing gets in the way

If you’re limiting visitors, we can carry out our consultation online. We can still really get to understand your needs and identify opportunities to improve your pallet-wrapping and can still deliver custom-solutions that will optimise your operation.

Best of all, nothing can stop you…

The show must go on. So, whatever the current challenges, we’re working our hardest to keep you up and running to enable you to deliver high volumes of safe, stable pallets efficiently and effectively, no matter what.

Atlanta pallet wrapping machine

Online consultations now available

All you need to do is call 0113 242 6999, and we’ll take it from there.


Load Stability Consultations

We’ll partner with you to understand your pallet wrapping challenges and will tailor realistic solutions that bring long term value to your business.

Film by Extremus

Our range of Extremus nano-tech films can achieve an incredible 300% stretch, and that means minimising material use and maximising load stability like nothing else.

Machines by Atlanta

Built to optimise film performance, minimise waste and improve efficiency Atlanta’s versatile range of machines really performs, and they’re yours to buy or lease.

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