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Whilst Covid’s repeated restrictions and lockdowns have been a nightmare for pubs and restaurants, wine consumption amongst UK consumers has been strong over the past year. Why? Lots more of us have been drinking more at home – and who can blame us? Expensive luxuries like holidays have been far out of reach, so many of us have switched our spend to affordable treats instead.

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This has meant that 2020 really was the year in which wine e-commerce came of age, with more consumers buying wine supplies from supermarket websites, and 1 in 7 wine drinkers choosing to use a specialist online wine shop. And, according to drinks industry experts, the habit of drinking more wine is here to stay – which is good news for those selling it online.

But of course shipping wine is not without its challenges – and too many customers are still taking  to the Internet to voice their exasperation over online orders being damaged in transit; in some cases arriving smashed to bits. Since we’re all now used to long days WFM being punctuated by all-too-welcome deliveries, it’s hardly surprising that people get pretty mad when they were looking forward to taking delivery of a special bottle or two and find a soggy bundle of cardboard on their doorstep instead.

It’s fair to say that the team at Hazel 4D enjoy the odd drink as much as anyone, which is why we’ve been turning our hands to putting together a range of packaging that’s every bit as fine as the wine it’s designed to transport.

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Our inflatable, multi-chamber AIRPACK Green Paq bags have not only won the  prized Starpack Award, but they’ve also been drop test approved by our friends at Amazon and DHL– so you can rely on them to keep your wine safe no matter how long  its journey from cellar to cellar. They’re incredibly space efficient to store, inflate in seconds, and despite their strength they’re super-light  – meaning low-cost transportation. Importantly, they live up to their Green name too – as they’re made with 95% OXO biodegradable plastic. So not only can they be fully recycled, but if they do reach landfill  they start to decompose immediately.

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Our other proven packaging for wine includes cardboard packs that allow you to pack single bottles of wine extremely efficiently, and send them out as a unit.

They’re quick and easy to use, totally plastic-free, and can be printed for an even more professional look.

Wine bottle in honeycomb paper sleeve

Our LockedWave™ honeycomb wrap provides an eco-friendly way of wrapping and bracing wine – using honeycomb kraft that is recycled, recyclable, reusable and compostable. The space saving paper dispenser is super quick and easy to load and use, with a constant unfold force, and easy-to-tear material which self-stacks without tape. With an optional interleaf to protect product surface, it combines excellent product protection and neat appearance to deliver first rate brand presentation.

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Boxer products

Our compact Boxer® protective packaging  is also eco-friendly – with portable dispenser  providing recycled and recyclable paper quickly and easily for neat cushioning of products. And if you do need to use BUBBLE WRAP… then we have a biodegradable option for that too!

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