Bedding Manufacturer Reduces Plastic Usage by 66%

Achieving stable loads and eliminating waste

This family-run firm ships around 195,000 pallets of bedding each year, but their poor film and damaged machines meant that they were wasting wrap and still not managing to eliminate rips, tears or returned pallets.

The problem

During a consultation and a full test of ten machines, we found that the stretch wrap being used was of poor quality, prone to ripping and tearing. In an attempt to get it working better, operators were often loading the film onto machines incorrectly, damaging the roll so that wrap was wasted. With no confidence in the wrap they were also wrapping several times, using much more film than should be needed.

This activity led to huge variances in the pre stretching and tensioning of the film, causing unstable loads that were difficult to move safely and regularly resulted in rejected loads that had to be reworked at considerable expense.

Our solution

Our aim was to achieve a stable load, a reduction in film used and the elimination of waste, and improved efficiencies with effective machines.

We replaced three damaged machines and swapped their stretch wrap for our Extremus Stretch Film, a high-performance load holding film with a high tear resistance and up to 300% stretch. We spent time training their operators on the science behind stretch wrapping, how to load the Extremus Film correctly and its benefits for load stability. Working with their in-house engineers, we optimised the settings of the wrapping machines to increase their performance and save time and money.

State-of-the-art mobile testing system enabled us to measure the forces exerted on wrapped pallets to fix instabilities and improve the rigidity of the pallets. We continue to conduct frequent audits to check that savings and operational improvements are being maintained.

The difference it made

  • Annual stretch wrap spend reduced by £93,900
  • Reduced plastic usage by 66%
  • Operators can now load film correctly, eliminating damage to film
  • A consistent stretch on film
  • Less film needed to wrap each pallet
  • Damage at beginning of film roll eliminated
  • Reduced damages in transit
  • Pallets can now be bulk stacked safely

“With Hazel 4D’s input and knowledge, they have put best practice into the production area driving cost and efficiency savings.”

Managing Director