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Helping a major soft drink manufacturer save £169,000 a year and reduce plastic waste by 65%

A soft drinks manufacturer was generating huge amounts of plastic waste and experiencing high labour costs due to an inefficient pallet wrapping system.

By working with Hazel 4D to conduct film trials and testing they were able to pinpoint the problems and find cost-effective solutions that drove drive valuable improvements.

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The problem

Three turntable wrapping machines had been poorly set up with inefficient programs, resulting in frequent film snappages. Operators were having to compensate for these snappages by overwrapping by hand whilst the turntable machine was in motion!! This doubled the amount of film used per pallet whilst also increasing labour costs and leading to H&S issues.

A backlog of pallets from the wrapping machines led to many being wrapped by “hand only”, a labour intensive exercise with a far longer wrap time of around 3 minutes per pallet.

The loads were also being wrapped too low onto the pallets, which was resulting in the film being pierced or split by forklift trucks, thus creating significant weak spots in the pallet wrap.

The customer was actively reducing the grade of material in their primary and secondary packaging, which had also had a detrimental effect on the overall stability of the pallets. Better wrapping programs were required to compensate for this.

pallet of bottles with plastic wrap. Total weight of film applied: 260g

Our solution

Through extensive trials, Hazel 4D were able to demonstrate a significant improvement in load containment force (stability) and a far more consistent wrapping sequence. This was a result of switching to high performance Extremus NANO15 film, reconfiguring the wrapping program and making some minor mechanical upgrades to one of the machines.

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balls of plastic film labelled; 746g, 475g, 260g
We started working with Hazel 4D at one of our co-packing facilities and we very much appreciated their support. They were able to quickly highlight the weak points in some of our pallet formats and they not only recommended alternative materials to use but also advised on stretch wrap program set up. Their intervention helped to reduce material usage and to eliminate returned loads from customers.

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The difference it made

  • Improved stability of pallets

  • Almost double the number of pallets wrapped per roll of film, saving on machine downtime and plastic wastage
Plastic weight reduction
Plastic weight reduction
Reduced cost (and plastic tax)
Reduced cost (and plastic tax) per pallet wrapped
Operator time saved
Over 2 min
Operator time saved per pallet wrapped
Annual cost saving
Annual cost saving
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Our Team

Our team of experts includes technical consultants, packaging technologists, project managers and procurement specialists. Many of them have been with Hazel 4D for over 20 years.

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