An elegant green packaging solution for an iconic British brand

A large British retailer, whose brand is synonymous with luxury, wanted to move to environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging – whilst still delivering outstanding product protection and an unparalleled unboxing experience for their customers.

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The Problem

The company’s distribution centre is split into 2 key zones. An automatic packing area and a manual area where team members pack boxes by hand to the highest possible standard.

Our challenge was to make the manual packing area completely plastic free, whilst providing the same level of product protection as the current plastic packaging – and continuing to delight customers with the standard of brand presentation at the moment of unboxing.

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Our solution

Simon Roe, one of Hazel 4D’s experienced Packaging Consultants, completed a full packaging audit for the client, carefully observing their end-to-end operation. Having fully understood every element, Simon was then able to draw on his extensive knowledge to recommend plastic free, environmentally sustainable options for every area of the packing process. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of his proposed solution, Simon took the range of new products to site and spent a day with the client sharing best practice – a process that is known at Hazel 4D as a ‘Sample Day’. Needless to say, this was very well received by the client as it gave them the chance to satisfy themselves that each element of Simon’s recommended solution was fully fit for purpose and worked for them. This resulted in the customer moving ahead with all of Simon’s proposals.

Simon introduced a range of new products and equipment, including;

The Hazel 4D table top Boxer, and floor mounted Boxer dispensers

Nuevopak X-Pad paper voidfill machines

which produce unrivalled ‘X-Pad’ paper cushioning for void filling and blocking and bracing.

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Our client was delighted with the appearance of their new packaging and found that protection of their most fragile products (including bone china!) improved as a result of the changes.

Simon explains, ‘what this client was crying out for was our 4th Dimension. They knew what their vision was, and just needed a trusted advisor whose experience could help them deliver it. It was a privilege to become that person for them. And it’s a great feeling to know that we’ve helped deliver an extra dimension, and improve the customer experience, for another brand leader’

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Listening to the needs of each client and responding with smart solutions

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We use a global network of partners to bring you the latest packaging innovations at competitive prices

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Our team of experts includes technical consultants, packaging technologists, project managers and procurement specialists. Many of them have been with Hazel 4D for over 20 years.

To see their smiling faces, visit our meet the team page or get in touch to arrange a site visit.

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