This international brand saved costs by switching to a pay per wrap system and reduced pallet wrap by 75%

Our customer, a long-established international childcare products brand, was using dated machinery and failing to get the best out of its stretch film.

Our initial project with them has reduced stretch film usage by 75% and made very significant savings.

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The Problem

When we tested their pallet-wrapping we found a blend of problems leading to significant plastic waste, unnecessary cost, inefficiency and instability, and in turn, to damaged returns from major retailers. Wrapping a range of differently shaped packages using a turntable was creating unstable loads, which were prone to tearing.

To try and counter instability they had switched to a thick 30 micron stretch film, adding weight to the pallets, increasing costs and waste without solving the problem – it was also inefficient because operatives had to manually assist the machine process.

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Our Solution

After conducting a thorough audit we worked closely with our customer to develop a new system tailored specifically to their needs. We replaced the old pallet wrapper with a new high-performance PPS pallet wrapping machine with lockable programmes.  We even created multiple bespoke pre-programmed settings on their new machine to respond perfectly to their needs.

The machine was installed free of charge on a pay per-wrap system. We also replaced their 30 micron stretch wrap for our 15 micron Extremus stretch nano film, a high-performance load holding film with a high tear resistance. Using our state-of-the-art mobile testing system, we measured the forces exerted on wrapped pallets to fix instabilities and improve the rigidity of the pallets.


  • Annual stretch wrap spend reduced by 51%
  • Plastic film use reduced by 75%
  • Cost of wrap reduced by £1.04 per pallet
  • Increased average pre-stretch of film by 287%
  • Reduced need for roll changeovers, with 4x more pallets wrapped with one roll of film

  • Film snapping significantly reduced
  • Improved stability of pallets
  • Reduced damages in transit
  • Easier for operatives to unload pallets from transport
2 bundles of plastic wrap one 200g, one 1400g
I had no idea we were applying over 1.1kg of film per pallet... Hazel 4D have successfully achieved a much safer pallet with less than a quarter of the film weight.

Distribution centre manager - Childcare products

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