Net Zero Eggs

Cost-effective eco-friendly packaging for a pioneering product

As experts in transitioning to sustainable packaging, Hazel 4D worked with the established partner and their egg factory to deliver an effective packaging solution with improved environmental credentials.

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The problem

As a long-term customer looked to become the first UK supermarket to bring carbon neutral eggs to the market, product packaging was the final hurdle to overcome. Traditionally, outer cartons at the eggs factory were always glued or taped, adding plastic content to the product packaging that conflicted with the environmental focus of the project.

As with most new product lines, forecast volumes weren’t clear and so the need for the solution to work with existing machinery and avoid capital investment were key deliverables.

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Our solution

Our self-adhesive paper machine tape was able to run very successfully on their existing automatic tape machinery. 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

We also provided the equivalent product in a hand tape version, along with free premium tape dispensers, for use when any manual taping was needing to be done.

The customer achieved on brand eco-friendly packaging and were able to deliver ‘planet friendly’ eggs.

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basket of brown hens eggs
This new product launch went into our Yorkshire stores today, hopefully you will see some media engagement over the next few days as we are very proud to be the first supermarket to be able to offer net zero ‘Planet friendly’ eggs on such a scale.
The tape used to seal the boxes finishes off the whole project nicely so hopefully customers will appreciate these eggs...

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the difference its made

No capital costs
No capital costs
No plastic
No plastic
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