Cutting plastic film use by 87% with our Intelligent Load Stability system

A manufacturer of high quality odour neutralisers, despatching over 30 pallets a day to major supermarkets, invited Hazel 4D to review and optimise their pallet wrapping.

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The Problem

The company, which produces powdered and liquid odour neutralisers, was packing them in shrink wrapped cardboard sleeves before palletising them. But their pallet wrapping machine was old and worn and operators were wrapping pallets several times to try to stabilise them. Even this wasn’t enough to stop the high rate of damages they were seeing in transit

The company’s engineering manager visited Hazel4D’s stand at PPMA Total Show to look for better pallet wrapping solutions. After discussing their needs with our experts, who demonstrated the potential for Atlanta machines and Extremus wrap to provide a solution, they invited us to explore and solve the problem for them.

Our Solution

One of our Intelligent Load Stability experts visited their site to carry out a consultation and run full tests on their existing pallet wrapping machine and 20 micron stretch film. Our state-of-the-art mobile testing system gave us the insight we needed to calculate force pressure, which we reported on along with a series of recommendations for improvements that would optimise stability.

Working with their operations manager and engineering manager to achieve the best possible performance in terms of lowering cost per pallet wrapped, reducing waste, improving efficiency and reducing damages, we replaced their old machine and stretch wrap. The new Atlanta Synthex PPS pallet wrapping machine, along with our 12 micron nano Extremus Stretch Film, delivers exceptional load stability and high tear resistance.

Our expert consultants optimised the settings of the wrapping machine, using our testing system to measure the forces exerted on wrapped pallets to identify instabilities and perfectly calibrate.

The manufacturer was extremely pleased with their results and commented that Hazel 4D’s consultant “was very thorough!”

Project Outcomes

  • Annual stretch wrap spend reduced by £11,060
  • Pre-stretch in film increased from 5% to 258%
  • Plastic film use reduced by 87%
  • Significantly less film needed to wrap each pallet
  • Cost to wrap a pallet reduced by £1.49 per pallet

  • 112 more pallets wrapped with one roll of film, reducing roll changeovers
  • Improved stability and safety of pallets
  • Reduced damages in transit
  • Improved presentation of pallets
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Environmental impact

Introducing sustainable alternatives that don’t break the bank

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Leading edge technologies

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Our Team

Our team of experts includes technical consultants, packaging technologists, project managers and procurement specialists. Many of them have been with Hazel 4D for over 20 years.

To see their smiling faces, visit our meet the team page or get in touch to arrange a site visit.

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