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Are your pallets secure enough to pass new EU roadworthiness inspections

The implementation of EU directive 2014/47 means securing your pallets is now more important than ever.

The new legislation that came into effect on 20th May 2018 is part of a series of roadworthiness directives that aim to improve road safety across Europe and reduce fatalities. As part of this, commercial vehicles on European roads can be subjected to technical roadside inspections to check if their cargo is packaged and secured in accordance with the new requirements.

Securing loads is an essential part of road safety. If goods are insecure, they can cause a vehicle to become unbalanced and overturn or add to the velocity of the vehicle, preventing it from stopping. This can endanger other road users and cause accidents.

The directive indicates that loads should be secured so that they can cope with accelerations and decelerations and should not tip or tilt. If serious safety deficiencies are found upon inspection, penalties can be applied and vehicles can even be suspended from use.

The new legislation means that everybody involved in the logistics process, from loaders to drivers, has a responsibility to check cargo security.


So … are your pallets up to the test?

Check your pallets are safe and secure with Hazel 4D’s state-of-the-art mobile load stability testing system. We can come to you and assess the performance of your stretch wrap in load securing.

Our innovative measuring system can be attached to any pallet to monitor the forces exerted by the stretch wrap at various heights and on the edge of the pallet. From this, we can see where the pallet is unstable, fix the insecurities, prevent box corners from being crushed and improve the rigidity of the pallet.

We’ll calibrate your wrapping machines to perform at the best of their ability to ensure your pallets are stable and arrive at their destination in pristine condition.


Is your stretch film secure?

If the results of the stability testing find your stretch film isn’t up to scratch, we recommend securing your pallets with Extremus Stretch Film, a high performance load holding film. Extremus was engineered specifically to meet the requirements of the EUMOS 40509 cargo transport safety standard that has now been incorporated into the 2014/47 directive.

Its unique blend of polymers makes Extremus one of the strongest films on the market. It has a higher tear resistance compared to standard stretch films and its substantially thinner gauge means less film is required to wrap each load, saving you money. When correctly applied, Extremus promises excellent containment, stability and safety of every load.


Click here to find out more about how we can help you improve your pallet load stability

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