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Cutting costs & plastic use with Extremus Stretch Film

Leeds-based packaging solutions provider, Hazel 4D, recently helped an odour neutraliser manufacturer cut their plastic film use by a whopping 87% and save a massive £11,060 a year on stretch film, whilst drastically improving the stability of their pallet loads.

These huge savings are the latest in a long line of successful pallet load stability consultations for Hazel 4D. In the last year alone, they’ve helped a well-known nursery brand cut their plastic stretch film use by 75%, enabled a bedding manufacturer to save £93,900 a year on stretch film and saved a crisp manufacturer £100,000 a year, whilst reducing their CO2 impact by 65%.

After their load stability consultation, the Distribution Centre Manager at the nursery brand and manufacturer said:

I had no idea we were applying over 1.1kg of film per pallet … Hazel 4D have successfully achieved a much safer pallet with less than a quarter of the weight of film.’

Hazel 4D produce these dramatic savings for their clients through a winning combination of their expertise and Extremus Stretch Film.

Painstakingly created using nanotechnology, Extremus Stretch Film is a strong, yet thin stretch film that, when applied correctly, can stabilise even the most difficult of pallet loads.

Subjected to rigorous inline quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, Extremus Film can be stretched up to 370% when applied to a pallet. This ensures the film won’t stretch further during transit, keeping goods held firmly in place.

A fantastic alternative to wrapping pallets with standard, thicker stretch films, Hazel 4D customers have experienced numerous operational, financial and environmental benefits after switching to Extremus Stretch Film

These have included:

  • Reduced plastic use
  • Lower cost per pallet wrapped
  • Reduced movement in transit
  • Lower PRNs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved consistency and presentation
  • Improved ability to scan through high clarity film

Hazel 4D are experts in helping companies improve their pallet load stability to comply with EU cargo transport safety legislation.

Switching their customers to Extremus Stretch Film plays a huge part in this as the film is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the EUMOS 40509 load rigidity standard.

During their load stability consultations, Hazel 4D’s experts visit their customers’ sites to look at how their pallet wrapping processes can be improved. They help customers optimise their pallet wrapping machine settings in order to apply their stretch film correctly and securely.

Using a state-of-the-art mobile pallet load testing system, Hazel 4D checks the forces the stretch film is exerting on each load and tweaks the wrapping settings to fix any insecurities and improve pallet stability.

As well as ensuring their customers’ pallets are safe to transport, Hazel 4D’s load stability consultations save customers an average of 35% of their annual stretch film costs and reduce their plastic film use by an average of 65%.


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