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Unique Rental Options Saving Time and Costs

Leading packaging and logistics company Hazel 4D is offering their customers a unique and customisable rental option on their Helios friction weld strapping tool. Low cost and improving operational efficiency, the product is suitable for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications in a range of industry sectors.

The benefits of the Helios friction weld strapping tool includes:

  • 3-second seal
  • Semi or fully automatic operation
  • Up to 70 seals with one change cycle
  • Ergonomic design
  • No need for metal seals or buckles

The Helios Tool is one of the fastest battery-powered strapping tools on the market and users of the product can expect an easier solution to sealing and tensioning tools. With a recharge time of only 40 minutes, customers can expect a more efficient way of securing their products before sending them on their way.

Every business is different which is why Hazel 4D are able to customise the number of strapping tools that they rent to their customers, to suit their needs.

Logistics is a key part of all businesses within any industry, and one of the most important aspects is to ensure products are secure to ensure their safe arrival at any given destination. Hazel 4D understand the importance of having a working and reliable strapping tool in order to achieve this.

However whilst businesses may need this vital product for their processes, they are not obliged to know how to fix the product if in the rare instance it breaks down. Hazel 4D is able to swap a broken one with a functioning tool within 24 hours!

This is so the customer’s site is never without a tool and production doesn’t stop because of any unforeseen breakdowns, improving operational efficiency and no unexpected costs.

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