We’re a registered EUMOS firm

EUMOS has formally recognised Hazel 4D as a EUMOS registered firm.

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What does this mean?

The European Safe Logistics Association(EUMOS) recognises that we’ve shown a strong commitment to increasing transport and logistics safety. They’ve certified that we’ve demonstrated sustainable efforts towards the EU objectives to achieve 0 fatalities on the road by 2050.

We’re recognised as experts in helping customers improve their pallet load stability in order to comply with the EU legislation around cargo transport safety and pallet load securing. Hazel 4D’s pallet stability consultants have undertaken professional training on load stability and stretch film optimisation.

How do we help to increase transport and logistics safety?

EUMOS regularly develop new safety standards and test methods around cargo transport safety across Europe.

Our Inteligent Load Stability consultations are designed to help our customers properly secure their pallet loads for transportation and conform with the EUMOS 40509 standard and EU directive 2014/17.

Load stability consultations

Our load stability experts visit our customers’ warehouses to look at their pallet wrapping processes and the stretch film and machinery they’re using to wrap pallets.

We help our customers optimise their pallet wrapping machine settings in order to apply their stretch film correctly and securely.

We use our state-of-the-art mobile pallet load testing system to check the forces the stretch film is exerting on the load and tweak the wrapping settings to fix any insecurities and improve pallet stability.

If a customer’s stretch film is inadequate, we recommend that they use Extremus Stretch Film – a high performance puncture-resistant film that, when applied correctly, ensures the containment of pallet loads of all shapes and sizes.

We also train our customers’ warehouse operatives in the benefits of the film and how to apply it correctly.

Our load stability consultations ensure loads are safe to transport and often help customers reduce their packaging costs and plastic use at the same time!

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Want to check your pallet loads are secure enough to meet the EUMOS standards?

Ask us for a load stability consultation today.

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