In this section you will find all the latest videos from Hazel 4D. From product demos to customer testimonials to videos on our brand journey.

Atlanta SFERA Robot Wrappers & Home Bargains – Video Testimonial

See how the Atlanta Sfera robot pallet wrappers from Hazel 4D made such significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions at Home Bargains.

VIDEO – Man V Robot in Pallet Wrapping Challenge

Learn how the Hazel 4D team worked with customer Home Bargains to drive improvements in their pallet wrapping process.

VIDEO – Load Stability System

Intelligent Load Stability Hazel 4D's Intelligent Load Stability system combines our expertise, nano-tech film and the latest generation wrapping machines to optimise your pallet-wrapping and improve performance.

VIDEO – A Brand on Fire

In 2014, a fire completely destroyed our 50,000 sq. ft warehouse. Despite this, in 24 hours, we’d dispatched fresh stock to our customers and didn’t let a single client down.

VIDEO- Putting the Honey Comb Paper to the Drop Test

Watch us put the Honey Comb protective void fill paper to the test. Will the wine bottles be in one piece after being dropped from head height? The honey comb paper is the sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. The space saving dispenser is super easy to use and versatile.

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